Do the Impossible for You. There is Alway Something Unexpected.

At the beginning of the story is that the boy and the girl are the fans of DR, being asked to share their love story. And for the particularity of their identity – High school students. We do not reveal any personal information about them for privacy, but the story was told by their real sharing.

This communication came from when I accidentally met a female classmate of my younger brother, who received a DR ring, and I was so surprised and curious. The diamond ring to a high school student? So I talked to V, and although it was a short conversation, I got a strong feeling about it. And my memories of high school kept coming out. However, I can’t experience the same thing that happened to Valin, obviously. You have to know, that the status of your school love relationship basically equals how much happiness you are in your whole school time. We are talking about most people here

The feminine lead in this story, Valin, is a high school student now, and she has been with her boyfriend for 5 years. Yes, they were going out when they were in junior high.

The boy gave our leading lady a diamond ring from DR Believe Collection, in the 5th year of the relationship.

And my very first reaction from me is: “DR doesn’t sale to minors.”

Indeed, in my awareness, the school couples or relationships are still “learning what love is”, and it is very hard to “only one for a lifetime” for high school students, right?. But all the romance was planned. Valin said, “He gave it to me after he turned adulthood, and I was so surprised. I had never expected any of this!”

Turns out that three years before, they had occasionally heard of the meaning of the DR ring. Valin mentioned it a bit, and Vachu kept it in mind. But for the purchasing limited of DR, Vache’s been waiting for his coming of age. And finally, the plan came true.

Let’s be realistic, you also need money to enjoy the romance. A diamond ring is not a cheap product for a high school student. So how did VI achieve this?

Valin said, “I thought he might give a ring to me when he’s in college or after being working, but the surprise came earlier, now!” 

Three years before, when Vachu decided to give this romance to Valin, he started to know about the price of DR and every meaning and inspiration of collections. And he chose Believe Collection for its beautiful meaning behind it – Every single snowflake is unique in the world, and we are too. For the goal, he started to save money/adjusted his outcomes, and he saved part of his pocket money and got a part-time job during spring breaks, etc. In this way, his money was saved bit by bit.

And what did the exclusive gift change their life?

Valin said, “When we met, we studied together. We thought that it is different, and the feeling was so unique and so one-to-one. So we started going out. Vi’s very impressive at Math, so he would teach me about some difficulties, and I always cheered him up for his basketball matches. We encouraged each other to go to our ideal high school, and we are ‘learning what love is. But after several years of dating, we got to a high level. When he turned 18, he chose to give the precious gift to me. That made me feel more secure about our love, so I accepted his gift, telling him I love him too, and I am willing to take on future responsibilities with him. chose to give the precious gift to me. That made me feel more secure about our love, so I accepted his gift, telling him I love him too, and I am willing to take on the responsibilities of a future with him.

In our previous awareness or knowledge, dating or a relationship is beautiful, making us happier. When you get into junior high, some of you take a date. And love is full of magic and greatness, keeps attracting people to sink in the ocean, and it also attracts people to go on no matter how hard it could be. Valin and Vachu encourage each other, and they understand each other. They have the same belief in life and love and keep their communications. This is the basic reason for their young love relationship. And they believe that the truth of love is to make each other better and make life better. This is just like the approach of DR. The real love need not hide. It is supposed to expose to everyone. Maybe it was impossible three years ago, but love got its name. DR will wait.